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Testimony V

Event Coverage by: Taylor Alexander Photography

Location: Rock Tha Bellz Event Center

This Event is an amazing opportunity to hear strong women talk about their struggles they have went through and overcome. You are not alone in your struggles.

Kimberly Bell had this amazing vision to start Testimony to help others. Her words on Testimony below..

"We all have a story, and often times that "Story" turns into a "Testimony". I am a true believer, we go through things in order to help others." On Sunday, April 2, 2017, The event had encouragement and motivation. These beautiful women had a "Story" to share, and a "Testimony" that gives a true meaning to what GOD will do, "After You have Suffered a Little While" (1Peter 5:10). So, please come expecting to be uplifted and inspired...I PROMISE YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS The next event!!

The next Testimony I believe will be in June - Ladies keep a look out and be sure to follow Kimberly Bell this woman is such a wonderful person and I am so honored GOD brought her and her family into my life. Her vision of Testimony has helped so many women and I am thankful for her message! Thank you Kim for having such a big heart!!! <3 #TestimonyV

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