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Photography Classes & Mentorship

 Murfreesboro, TN

Photography Classes

Back to Basics Class:

 Learn what things like aperture, shutter speed, exposure, and ISO mean, and how to take great photos with your digital SLR camera. Learn how to use your camera in Manual mode for more professional looking images. 


Material Covered

  • Lenses and the differences that they make, which lenses I use and the purpose of each lens 

  • Camera modes – Auto vs. Manual

  • Exposure, Shutter Speed, ISO, and Aperture

  • Why to use Raw Files 

  • How to work with natural light and how to take good pictures inside without a flash

  • How to work with all outdoor conditions from shade to bright sunlight. 

  • Tips and Tricks to get the best photos. 


The only requirement is a DSLR camera and notebook for notes 



 Mentor sessions are based out of Murfreesboro TN,

but she conducts them via Skype or ZOOM worldwide. 

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In Business Mentorship

This mentorship covers the top 4 classes.


  1. Back To Basics

  2. Editing 101

  3. Business 101

  4. Advance Editing & Business Follow Up


My four class mentorship program is designed not to pad your portfolio with pretty images, but rather change the way you shoot and see your business at a systemic level.  My students walk away being able to implement new techniques seamlessly into their workflow to create a strong and cohesive brand as an artist. And have a business that will last and grow.  

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Why Choose Me...

  • Professional photographer with more then 10 years of experience and education. Published work on book covers and in magazines.  

  •  5 years teaching photography classes and workshops. 

  • Licensed & Certified in Tennessee

  •  I have several years of experience in photography as well as a background in modeling. Not only was I a long time student, but also an instructor at Barbizon Modeling School.

 Mentor sessions are based out of Murfreesboro TN, but she conducts them via Skype or ZOOM worldwide. 

Photography Class and Mentorship Murfreesboro TN

Email to book your session today! 


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Taylor is a wonderful Photographer who makes you feel very comfortable during her shoots. She is very personable and makes the experience very pleasant and fun. She is also a great mentor. I’ve had the pleasure in taking one on one classes with her. My confidence and skills have developed so quickly. I’m ready to take on my photography journey with everything she has taught me. I am grateful for all the insight I’ve gained.

                                ~Tahlia M

Student from Mentor-ship 

Before and After Results 


Student from Back to Basics Class

Before and After Results 

Photography Classes Murfreesoro TN

Student from Mentor-ship 

Before and After Results

"Investing in a one-on-one mentorship with Taylor  was the best decision I have made for my photography. Taylor is an amazing teacher and she customized the classes to me and what I was looking for to improve my skills . she  helped me pinpoint my weaknesses so we could work together on implementing new strategies and techniques to get the best results.  Run, don't walk, to contact her!”

                                ~T. Young