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2017 Review

2017 A year in Review

What can I say about this past year, so many words and so many emotions come pilling out of me when I think about all that 2017 has brought.

2017 has been the best year yet at Taylor Alexander Photography. I have meet so many wonderful people this year. Thanks to all my clients that have found me through Facebook, thumbtack, Instagram, Google searches and of course referrals. You mean so much to me and I hope you stick with me for your photography needs throughout the years, Thanks so much for trusting me to capture your special moments and memories! (Please see bottom of page to see a review of some of the wonderful sessions I have had a chance to capture this year)

FB -

Website -

- Clients that have stuck by me since I opened my business in 2013 and still come to me every time they need a photographer, they refer me and I consider them friends. You know who you are and I look forward to every years pictures to see how much you and your family have grown and accomplished each passing year. Thanks for sticking with me and supporting me your loyalty means the world to me! Without you my business would not be where it is today.

- I have had the chance to work with a best selling author Aurora Rose Reynolds, I loved her books (big fan here) but meeting her in person and coming to know what a truly amazing person she is.. I can't say enough kind words about this woman. She inspires me and is so much fun to be around. I am honored to now call her and her family friends. Aurora I look forward to our new adventures together personal and business in 2018! (YAY for the book cover project) Be sure to check out her amazing books at -

Facebook -

- I have had the chance to work with a country singer Grace Meyer. I know she is going to make it big because she is not only beautiful, sweet and talented but a truly amazing person. I love working with you Grace and look forward to our future projects! - Be sure to check her out at -

Thank you to the beautiful, and talented models that I have gotten to work with. You girls are amazing! Tori, Shannon, Jessica, Meagan you girls inspire me and I cant wait till our next collaborations. Love you girls! Be sure to check them out if you need a model to work with these girls are AMAZING talented, creative, and fun!

Tori -

​Meagan -

​Shannon -

Jessica -

Blogger - Tabitha Wilson, girl you are amazing to work with and I cant wait till our next lifestyle blog session! Thanks so much for helping me with my social media. And your giving heart is inspiring, I love seeing what new fashion styles you will find next.

Be sure to check out her blog and Instagram for her latest fashion finds-

I also have meet my second shooter, best friend and camera sister - If you haven't meet someone who shares in your passion, I think it is defiantly important. Tennille has not only been amazing friend and second shooter but we are always there to support each other and help each other any way we can. Its amazing when you get to grow as a photographer with your friend and someone who gets what you do, someone you can bounce ideas off of, and call when you need them or just to vent. Thanks so much Tennille your friendship means the world to me, your creativity and talent inspires me, love you girl!

I have had the chance to collaborate and work with some other amazing talented photographers this year in workshops and you guys are inspiring and so talented! I love seeing how we can all take a picture of the same scene and the end results can be so different. Seeing others vision and take on something is what makes me love what I do. It is what makes it true art so thanks for showing me different directions and letting me see through your creative eye - I will try to organize a few more workshops this year if interested let me know <3

**Also thanks so much for all the models and makeup artist that participated in the workshops these are something that really make my job even more fun and I love to see the finished product when collaborating with such talented people!

Thank you to the amazing and talented Makeup Artist that I have had a chance to work with this year, I love to see what you create with each new look, and project! I hope that we continue to grow our relationships personal and professional going into the new year, with more clients, workshops and projects! Please be sure to check out my partner makeup artist that I work with -

Crystal Goins-North- Riley Rollins Salon -

Chantel Palmer - Coral Salon -

On a personal note - in 2017 I shared my 9th Wedding Anniversary with my husband (12 years together) Thank you Michael for being an amazing husband and father and sticking with me and supporting me opening and growing my business throughout the years. You and our kids are my world and I couldn't do this without you. My beautiful children, my son turned 2 and my daughter is about to turn 7 :( where does the time go…

Thanks to my friends and family that understand how busy I have been this year building and growing my business, and staying home with the kids. I promise I will try to get together soon to catch up with everyone.


Thanks to my continued to support from family, friends and clients I will be starting studio sessions as well in January 2018 - You can book your studio session for 2018 at any time the more in advance you book the easier it is to get the date/time you want for your shoot. The studio is located in Murfreesboro on the square.

Photography classes are available throughout the year - I start from basic classes, intermediate, advanced, Editing, and business classes - please message me if interested in learning. I offer group classes, one-on-one and workshops.

Mermaid Sessions will be available when it is warm again as well as mermaid birthday parties - ask for more information on these if interested

​I also have several personal projects I will be working on in the New Year - Book Covers with Aurora Rose Reynolds where I will be selling book covers for modern romance books and venturing into scifi and fantasy as well

​ Working on a couple of model projects for art gallery showing (secret themes- that will not be displayed until art gallery showing - models and makeup artist must sign a non disclosure agreement to not discuss project)

If you are a model who wishes to participate in either project please email me at least 3-4 pictures, and bio to

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