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Photoshoot for Swimwear Designer

I had a wonderful swimsuit shoot for designer - Danália - Danielle Pierce. Her designs are not only beautiful but also comfortable and flattering to your body type. Not to mention you can get custom designs based on what you want!

Danália is the up and coming clothing line head by Danielle Pierce and based out of Nashville, TN. Danália specializes in dressmaking, resortwear and swimwear, yet offers a variety of fashion options such as tops, pants, skirts and accessories. Everything is handmade with precision, care and great attention to detail. Comfort, style, function and performance is just as important as embellishment and silhouette.

Model: Tori Wrzalinski

Photography by: Taylor Alexander Photography Swimsuit by: Danália by Danielle Pierce Check out her Swimwear collection shop- swim, cover ups, custom, and more! @

Check out her Mermaid Inspired Swimsuit Below

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