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Modeling Classes

& Mentoring

Murfreesboro TN

Photography Class and Mentorship Murfreesboro TN

Award Winning Photographer 

Taylor Alexander 

Taylor started her journey into photography in 2011. With a background in

modeling, she was both a model and modeling instructor, with an inside view of both sides of the lens she brings a different perspective and helps with posing.

 She has taken many classes, Workshops and endless hours of studying  to keep up on her craft and keep getting better and educated on new technology and techniques for not only Photography but also editing. 


Material Covered in Full Mentorship:

  • Skin Care & Makeup Application (Guest Speaker- Pro Makeup Artist)

  • Ways to make money modeling

  • How to build a portfolio 

  • Posing & Direction 

  • Tips and Tricks to get the best photos. 

  • Full Portfolio Building Package 


 Only $1750 for one on one 

**Full curriculum listed below and full mentorship also available.



In The Studio - s  $400

This class includes going over how to use  templates, and overlays to create advertisements for your business, add your logo onto photos as well as create works of art. 











         All About the Water ~ Portfolio Building   $550


This class is all about the water - we will be doing posing by the pool, floating, and underwater portraits.


Full Mentorship $1750 

This package includes all my classes and portfolio shoots listed above at a discounted rate! and continued support as well as meeting a talent agent at the end with 8*10's printed of your top photos for agent to view and for you to take to auditions 

(which means you can call or message me anytime you need help or have a question.)


I also have custom mentorship packages,  I understand that everyone is different. People have different skills, different backgrounds, and different methods of learning. If you are interested in a custom mentorship package, please let me know and we can create a mentorship that works for you!


When you sign up for 2 classes $25 off 
When you sign up for all classes (Mentorship Discount) $350 off 

If a friend signs up with you $10 off (please have your friend give your name and sign up)


Fashion and Styled Photography Shoot   $450  

This class is a styled shoot that we can customize to fit your style, model  2-3 Outfits or we can find a model to fit your idea.


Whats covered:

Makeup Artist (for proffesional hair and makeup)